“Deeniyat Day” as Inter-school competition Celebrations

“Deeniyat Day” as Inter-school competition. The programme started with the recitation of holy verses of Qura’an and translation, Next the Hamd was presented by group of students,

Tarana-e- Anjuman was also sung by the students.

The function was continued with Welcome speech and introduction of guests.

The Chief Guest of the function was Mrs. Khurshid Armar – Head Mistress, Islahulbanaat primary school, Bhatkal. The other judges were Mrs. Bibi Ruqayya Mohtesham – teacher, Al-Kauser Girls College, Bhatkal and Mrs. Bushra Siddiqui – teacher , Jamia-tus-Salihaat, Bhatkal. The member of ladies advisory committee were also present. Chief Guest addressed the audience and gave us piece of wisdom through her words. The convenor provided information about the AHM’s Centenary Celebration

We could see the blend of talents here as the students from 9 high schools of Bhatkal taluk participated in the events. The competitions began with the Qira’at competition followed by Naat, Pick and Speak (Hadith) and Picture description based on Islamic History and literature.

All the participants showcased their capabilities and won everyone’s hearts. The prizes were distributed by the Guests and Headmistress of AGEMHS & AGHS. The winners were awarded with the cash prizes.

The winners of the competitions are as follows;

Qira’at competition:

1st : Ayesha Faiqua d/o Mohammed Hussain Kumshe – AGHS , Bhatkal

2nd : Tiyab d/o Aftab Ahmed Haji – Naunihaal Central School, Bhatkal

3rd : Noorah d/o Mohammad Shuaib Kazia – AGEMHS, Nawayath colony, Bhatkal

Naat competition :

1st : Khatija Masiya d/o Abdul Majid Khateeb – Ali Public School, Bhatkal

2nd : Fatima Hala d/o Nisar Ahmed – Naunihaal Central School, Bhatkal

3rd : Bibi Ameena d/o Tanveer Ahmed – New English National School, Murdeshwar

Pick and Speak (Hadith) :

1st : Rabiya Maliha d/o Abdul Muqeem – New Shams School, Bhatkal

2nd : Usqua d/o Mohammad Ashraf Muallim – Anjuman Girls English Medium High School, Nawayath colony, Bhatkal

3rd : Fatima Rimsha d/o Mohammad Faheem Sayeri – New English National High School, Murdeshwar

Islamic Picture description :

1st : Team Anjuman Girls English Medium High School, Nawayath colony,

1. Hajira Aifa d/o Abdul Salam Ruknuddin

2. Asiya Jubna d/o Mohammed Ismail Akram

2nd : Team New Shams School, Bhatkal

1.Maziya d/o Maqbool Ahmed Ali Akbara

2. Umme Kulsum d/o Mohiddin Khattab

3rd : Team Ali Public School, Bhatkal

1. Anum d/o Mohammed Saleem Mohtesham

2. Amal d/o Syed Sameer Syed Mohiddina

Congratulations to all the winners. The programme finally concluded with Dua. Alhamdulillah!

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